Aquaman #26 Review

Aquaman #26

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Stjepan Sejic

The “Underworld” story arc continues as Arthur Curry, now calling himself Orin, tries to evade Drift soldiers with his new mysterious friend, Dolphin. Meanwhile, Mera has learned Arthur is alive, and is attempting to break through the Crown of Thorns to get to him. These two situations add pressure to the new king, Corum Rath, and it seems a new rebellion is slowly rising up against him from within Atlantis.

These past several issues have felt a bit like Game of Thrones in Atlantis, which is as awesome as it sounds. Arthur’s existence is a myth at this point (since just about everyone thinks he’s dead), which gives him room to operate under the radar. But as more people discover that he’s alive, it seems like more Atlantean are devising ways to come to his aid in order to challenge Rath’s rule.

It’s also interesting to see Atlantis’ reaction to Mera’s assault, which I was curious about after the events of Justice League #24The battle scenes with Aquaman and Dolphin are great, although I am a bit disappointed that it seems like we won’t see much more of Aquaman operating like Batman in Atlantis like we did in the last issue.

Sejic’s art is absolutely fantastic in this issue as well. We’re only two issues in to this story arc, but he’s already left his artistic fingerprint on this series, and it’d be hard to imagine it continuing with anyone else behind the pencil.