Analog 3

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: David O’ Sullivan
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letter: Joe Sabino

Fresh off a movie deal, Analog continues to be an absolute joy to read. We find out that Oona was off to kill some Nazi scum, kicking some serious ass, taking down eight of them, but one slipped through her fingers and didn’t die. On his way to take care of the Nazi, he is kidnapped (again) by Aunt Sam, who is planning to intercept his package to Tokyo, per their “arrangement”. Plot twist though, it’s a film reel, which if you weren’t aware, cannot be copied via a copy machine! Aunt Sam lets Jack go, telling him that they will figure something out by the time he is in Tokyo. Jack is free to finish his mission of tying up Oona’s loose ends, and I have to say this entire interaction is absolutely funny. Jack tells the nurse in the hospital he is a sketch artist, and she replies: “That ugly s**tbird’s down on the left, hope you don’t catch the guy.” Jack, not missing a beat responds: “Thanks, me too. I’m the s**tiest artist on the force.” When he interacts with the Nazi, he asks, “Were you beaten up by a bunch of fellas? How many were there? Ten? Eleven?” The entire time knowing that Oona was solely responsible for his predicament. The best bit of dialogue though comes from the cops who ask the nurse “Where’s the Nazi Piñata?” With the scumbag dead, Jack meets back up with Oona to tell her the job is done and she doesn’t need to worry anymore. Duggan leaves us with a pullback shot of Oona and Jack embracing, providing us a sincere moment between the chaos that has happened in this issue.

Analog is the best book out right now and rightfully so. Duggan shows that he can flex his muscles with comedic moments intertwined with violently brutal scenes. With this issue he throws us a bit of a curveball, masterfully exploring the relationship between Oona and Jack with the backdrop of the Nazi job. We’re only three issues in, but Duggan makes me truly believe how much Jack cares for Oona and would do anything for her. Their relationship while unique and unusual, there is a love that exists between them. This is my favorite issue of Analog that I have read so far. IF YOU AREN’T READING THIS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Run to your shop and pick up all the issues of this book!

Rating: 10 out of 10.