Action #999 The Fury of General Lane

Written by, Dan Jurgens

Art by, Will Conrad

Colors by, Ivan Nunes

Letters by, Rob Leigh


In the previous issue, Superman returns to earth from New Krypton after his conflict with Zod’s family. Booster Gold uses the Time Sphere which allows Superman to arrive in time to save Lois, Jonathan, and Lois’ Father, General Lane, from Logamba rebels. During his mission with Booster, Superman learned that Jor-El escaped Krypton before its destruction.

This issue begins with General Lane visiting Lois and Jonathan. General Lane starts the conversation about Lois’ betrayal of him, which compromised his position in a covert mission. Lois defends her position as a journalist and her role as one who writes about the truth and provides a check and balance for government decisions. Her father’s biggest issue is with Superman, who he claims could harm earth and who is accountable to no one.

Meanwhile, Superman is on a mission to move an asteroid and keep it from colliding with earth. While he works, Superman thinks about how Jor-El created the  Phantom Zone, which imprisoned Zod and his family, along with Cyborg Superman. The Phantom Zone is an inhumane prison, which is an emotionless void. Superman reviews Cyborg Superman’s origins as a good family man and how that ended due to an accident, which led to Cyborg Superman’s creation. While Superman believes that Cyborg Superman deserves to be punished, he believes that the Phantom Zone is not a good prison. Superman locates a super-strong metal in the asteroid, which he brings back to his fortress.  

Back in Metropolis, the argument between General Lane and Lois turns ugly. General questions Superman’s motivations, which upsets Jonathan. Lois comforts Jonathan, which enrages General Lane even further. Kent returns as General Lane is leaving their apartment. Clark starts the conversation by apologizing for not bringing Jonathan to see him. General Lane says that he was hurt by this. Lois says that she was hurt by her father’s refusal to visit their home. They resolve their differences; Jonathan and his grandfather spend time while Clark and Lois look on.   

Overall 8/10

Final Impressions

The art is gorgeous and shows great details in the clothes, faces, and figures of the characters. The colors are vivid and enhance the importance of the story, which is about resolving old wounds. The story does a nice job connecting all of the story arcs in the most recent Superman and Action books which involved Jor-El, the conflict with Zod on New Krypton, and General Lane’s return. In addition, the story provides closure for these story arcs that were not always very engaging as a reader.

The one critique I have is that the transitions were abrupt, at times. For example, General Lane leaves the apartment, initially, convinced that he would not forgive Lois for betraying him. After a short talk with Clark, he changes his response and reunites with Lois and Jonathan. Even so, I  wanted the family to be made whole, and so I welcome the quick change in behavior. It feels like this story clears the way for issue #1000 to have a clean pallet on which to work.