A New America: Captain America #1

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Art by Leinil Francis Yu

Following the Secret Empire event, Steve Rogers is back to a new America. Given what happened, it’s not a surprise that Americans feel uneasy having Steve back.

Struggle for the Soul of (Captain) America

Rogers is struggling to find his place in a country that distrusts him and help rebuild it. Captain America is attempting to set the record straight for the public by battling remnants of Hydra and clones of Nuke. As Rogers engages in the action, there is some part of the public that knows that there is nothing new about him. To Americans, Rogers is battling those who he believes are the enemies of America, regardless of what he wears on his chest. The public still thinks he is causing damage and doesn’t care about them. Cap knows the cost of his actions and understands sometimes lethal force is required in the form of the Winter Soldier. Throughout this issue, one of many questions on his mind is…what kind of example do I want to set given the circumstances?

Leinil Francis Yu Does it Again

The art of Leinil Francis Yu is perfect for this first issue. His art is gritty, but crispy clean. Yu’s art is able to show the gritty tension between Cap and the public. His art also helps to show how amazing Cap is in combat as a symbol for America. I enjoy his artistic take on the Winter Soldier. He gives Winter Soldier the classic appearance, but a determined look of a man that knows when to get his hands dirty.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a Wordsmith

Ta-Nehisi Coates does an amazing job of giving us a Cap who is unsure of where his compass is. Coates makes Rogers alone in a sense. He has Bucky and Sharon supporting his battles, but are they really with him? Sharon is also unsure of having Steve back and places some distance between them. Bucky is his best friend, but we only see him for the opening pages. The American public doesn’t know what to make of Captain America. Coates does make us feel hopeful for Cap by end of the issue through the character’s patriotic dialogues.

By the end of the issue, readers will feel empathic towards Steve Roger and want him to be the Captain America we all know and love.


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