Justice League #30 Review

What is this all about?


When we last left the Justice League, most of them had been kidnapped by Future Aquaman who is now wearing Cyborg’s body. Sovereign’s power was released and had a strong hold over Simon Baz and Wonder Woman. Now we see this dark force overpowering our heroes, and things are only going to get worse. Let’s delve into the next chapter of the Legacy arc.

The Review

The issue begins with Wonder Woman fighting off the darkness slowly consuming her. It also starts off with the revelation that Hunter is not Steve Trevor’s son with Diana. This combined with the fact that Future Aquaman pulled a Tower of Babel and learned about the League’s weaknesses through Batman’s computer system means there are bound to be some awkward conversations once all the action blows over.

Meanwhile, Sovereign meets up with Mera and Serenity. We also get the sad backstory behind what happens to Aquaman in the future, and it’s not pretty. It seems like after Mera dies, Serenity banishes Arthur from the sea, forcing him to live without any water, which is why he relies on Cyborg’s old suit to live. In fact, Future Aquaman has quite the arc in this issue. In addition to the backstory (future story? I mean it hasn’t happened yet, but you get the idea), Aquaman also releases the members of the Justice League from the pocket dimension they were trapped in. Although seeing as how they all fall under the darkness’ power, that didn’t really do much good.

This leads us to the two big moments of the issue. Although there is no definitive statement, it seems as though Simon Baz is dead. He sustained a bad wound from Sovereign’s weapon, and when Cruz cries over his body, there’s no response. Speaking of Sovereign, turns out she’s Hippolyta, Diana’s mother.

Final Words

This arc just keeps cranking up the stakes. As if Simon’s (potential) death and Hippolyta’s reveal wasn’t enough, it seems as though the Justice League is now under the darkness’ control. The kids and Batman are the only ones left, and I’m really looking forward to the big brawl that’s coming up. It also seems as though Future Aquaman was spared from the darkness’ control. I’m expecting some kind of redemptive sacrifice from him in the next issue or two.

I’m also interested to see what Batman’s role in all this will be. He’s only in this issue briefly, and he really has the only joke in the entire comic, which is a shocking turn of events for sure. This is a fantastic arc, and anyone not reading it already sure is missing out. Whatever happens in the next issue or two is bound to have a lasting impact on the Justice League for some time to come.

More Info

Reviewed by Mike Bedard Justice League #30 Written by Bryan Hitch Pencilled by Fernando Pasarin Inked by Andy Owens, Mick Gray, Batt, and Scott Hanna Colored by Brad Anderson Published by DC Comics Release Date: October 4th, 2017