Justice League #28 Review

Story So Far

When we first left the Justice League, they had just been reunited with their children who traveled back in time to get their parents’ help from a looming threat. You know, an average Tuesday. The kids introduced themselves one by one to varying degrees of awkwardness, but none were quite as painful as Hunter’s reunion with his parents: Superman and Wonder Woman. While Hunter harbored no ill will toward his dad, the same could not be said about Diana. According to Hunter, Wonder Woman abandoned him due to the fact he was male and could not come to Themyscira. It opened some wounds for Hunter, but it also made Diana question her fitness as a parent.

In this issue, we see the kids become acclimated to the modern world. And their potential plans become a little clearer. Let’s see what the Justice Kids are up to! And fair warning: spoilers are ahead.


What is this all about?

 This is Part Three of the Legacy arc. For most of the issue, we see Hunter interacting with Superman and his family, namely Lois Lane and their son, Jon. His personality is a lot brighter in this issue, particularly in his interactions with Jon. However, there’s a lot of darkness as well. Hunter immediately hints that Damian Wayne dies in the near future. During a private conversation between Hunter and Superman, Clark Kent can’t help but ask about the fates of Lois and Jon. It doesn’t look good.

We also see Mera bonding with her daughter, Eldora. The Flash races his daughter, Cruise, who is apparently a little bit faster than he is. The twins…sleep.

Finally, there’s Cyborg’s son, George a.k.a. Cube. Cyborn and his father, Silas, spend time analyzing George’s genetic makeup. It’s unlike anything else they’ve ever seen. Personally, Cube is my favorite character out of the kids for the potential he has. If something significant is about to go down, then Cube seems like he will be a true force to be reckoned with.

Wonder Woman spends the issue still at the Watchtower, thinking about the chain of events that could have led the children to coming back to the past. Cube, being able to hook into every information system in the world, spies on Wonder Woman. Here’s where those spoilers really come into play. At the end, Cube tells Hunter what he saw, and afterward, Hunter makes his intentions known. Hunter: “We have to kill Wonder Woman.”

The Review

 For this issue (and the previous one) there hasn’t been a lot of action. It’s been a lot of setup and a lot of exposition, and I’m hoping it leads to something great. With that being said, I’ve really enjoyed the character development in these last couple of issues. It’s been incredibly intriguing seeing how each member reacts to meeting their future children and learning a little about what kind of parent they each are. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

More Info

Reviewed by Mike Bedard
Justice Legue #28
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by: Fernando Pasarin; Inked by Batt; Colored by Brad Anderson

Published by DC
Release Date: 09/06/2017