Winnebago Graveyard #2 (of 4)

Stranded in a small town that seems to have no one in sight, not quite the place you would want to be in the middle of the night after having your RV stolen. Well, that’s where we find this small family of three that after a fun time at a local yet out dated carnival seems to have nothing but the clothes on their back. Winnebago Graveyard # 2 is written by Steve Niles and art by Alison Sampson, we pick up in this issue with Dan and Christie attempting to find the local law enforcement to report their stolen vehicle and Bobby their son tagging along for the ride. The sheriff shows up and offers little to no help to this family yet is able to point them into the direction of a small inn that they can spend the night at. While trying to relax and end this night Christie looks out the window to see something that, well you don’t see every day.
Just like in the first issue, these characters can’t be up to any good! They are spotted and right away these dark worshipers give chase. The family attempts to make their way out the room and away from the inn, the innkeeper doesn’t seem to be startled by the figures creeping into the lobby and all this seems to be very normal to her. Once again, this definitely sounds like that town you never want your car to break down in!


They are cornered and right away Dan orders his family out through the window before these shady figures break in. They successfully get out and escape the clutches of the hooded figures, hiding and making their way to a local street where they all agree to find the useless sheriff for help. The hooded people search but cannot find the family but they know that they couldn’t have gone far, they regroup at their base and right away you know that these people are a satanic cult.

They prepare a blood offering and summon a horned gorilla beast that they call, “Dark Spirit” and whose command is to hunt those that would escape their grip!

The art in this book is all over the place but because this book has a slow burn feel the art is relied upon to help shape this story, which Sampson is handling very well. Niles, who gave us 30 Days of Night, will give us another great issue in book number 3 and I know that the conclusion of this mini-series will not be a disappointment. Make sure to pick up issue # 3 in August to see what type of help Dan, Christie, and Bobby receive from the sheriff and just what is this cults objective and desire.

Reviewed by Leo Marques – @leomarques85
Winnebago Graveyard #2
Written by Steve Niles
Art by Alison Sampson, Jordie Bellaire

Published by Image Comics