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The much-anticipated finale to Mark Millar’s and Greg Capullo’s Reborn is finally here and oh boy does it not disappoint! With Bonnie on her way to face off against Lord Golgotha, a true battle between good and evil is about to go down. Will Bonnie fulfill her destiny and become the Saviour of Adystria or will Lord Golgotha claim Adystria for himself? Reborn #6
Reborn #6 kicks off exploring who Golgotha was in his previous life and how he got to Adystria. Being an abomination in both the real world and in his rebirth, spreading death and decay throughout both realities, with no one willing to stop him. Well, that is until Bonnie came along, the prophesized savior. Bonnie and her Dad walk into the lion’s den, surrounded by the worst of the worst, without a fear. Ready to face an army as just two standing side by side. As the battle begins to break out an unlikely ally comes to their aid, allowing them to square off against Golgotha without interference.

Reborn has been a literal comparison of Good vs Evil since the very first title. Where Bonnie was a good person in life, in rebirth she is the shining example of a hero. On the other hand, Golgotha was a monster in life and in rebirth is the biggest bad around.Reborn #6 That theme comes full circle here, showing us the final showdown. With a big reveal, this battle between Bonnie and Golgotha is a lot more personal than we might have thought. Not only that but we see what has been holding Bonnie back from her true potential in her rebirth.

There are so many themes in this final issue that are very satisfying having read the whole series. However, I don’t want to give away any of the story here, so I will be a bit vague. Millar wraps up this story in a very satisfying way, connecting the dots in ways I didn’t think about going in. With Bonnie getting redemption at the end of the story and accepting this new life, letting go of the old. Along with some other characters getting some very touching moments.

Reborn #6Greg Capullo, Johnathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia have, yet again, done a fantastic job on this series. They take us from horror to epic battles then bring it home with some really touching panels. Reborn #6 runs the gamut of emotions and this team depicts that with stunning beauty. They have been working together for quite a while and they just keep getting better with age. I look forward to seeing their work on DC Metal and shed a tear as they leave Reborn.

While it is sad to see Reborn come to an end, it did end in a satisfying way, with most threads closed out. Plus it looks like there will be a Book 2 in the works here soon, however it will have a different creative team. Either way Reborn was a great title and I look forward to reading it in trade form here soon!

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Reborn #6
Written by Mark Millar
Art by: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia, Nate Piekos, Rachel Fulton

Published by Image Comics
Release Date: June 7th, 2017